I did it for science, or something, 2013


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Se não fosse amor, não haveria planos, nem vontades, nem ciúmes, nem coração magoado. Se não fosse amor, não haveria desejo, nem o medo da solidão. Se não fosse amor não haveria saudade, nem o meu pensamento o tempo todo em você. Se não fosse amor eu já teria desistido de nós.
~ Caio Fernando Abreu (via romantizei)

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Was bored and playing around with all the custom options on Gemvara and made some Princess inspired rings like the Rapunzel one from earlier in the week. I can make more for the heroines, Merida and the like if there is an interest. Definitely a good break from always looking for merch! (:

We are loving the inspiration behind this set of rings a Gemvara fan created: Disney princesses!  You can definitely see each princess’ style reflected in their ring, and the engraving of the theme song from each movie is perfect.  Keep up the amazing creativity!

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